Wills & Trust Drafting

Drafting a Proper Will or Trust Document

Wills and trusts can be critically-important parts of your estate planning. While both are different, it is essential that if you are interested in establishing either a will or a trust that you receive the necessary legal assistance that you deserve from a competent Palm Springs wills and trusts attorney.

Our fee structure is so generous and affordable that every family or even the smallest business owner can budget a careful drafting of the critical life documents that will literally protect all that you have worked for in the past as well as your future earnings and assets.

Expert Assistance in Drafting a Will in The Coachella Valley

Many people assume that they can write their own will using a form or an Internet service. If you are young, single, renting, and have only a car and other minor assets – an Internet Will would be better that NO will at all. Anyone else should be hesitant. Just because you have a will does not mean that it will be valid or drafted in a way that will truly be able to carry out your wishes. Wills are subject to a vast amount of taxes and legal issues that can cause exponential amount of problems if you are not careful. For this reason, it is incredibly important that you do not hesitate to contact a knowledgeable attorney to help support and guide you through this process. It just isn’t that expensive to have it done right.

Are You Looking into Drafting a Trust?

Unlike a will, a trust can be drafted and go into effect while you are still alive. This does not mean that it has to, and many trusts are established through the drafting of a will, but either way the legalities and nuances that surround it are incredibly important. By entrusting your property to another person, you are shifting a great deal of responsibility and subjecting yourself and the trustee to both the terms in the document and the law. You cannot treat either lightly.

Estate planning is not a simple affair, and without competent support and guidance, it can turn into a disaster. It is vitally important that you seek out the best possible legal representation that you truly deserve. Attorney Vanessa Sims has years of experience in estate planning, wills and trusts and would invite you to call us for a no-cost consultation to review your unique situation.

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